Steve Knight

Adjunct Professor, Executive Coach and Business Communications Specialist, INSEAD


Steve Knight is a highly regarded international Business Communications Specialist with 30 years’ experience and a solid background in Broadcast Journalism and Presenting with BBC TV and Discovery. He is a Certified Executive Coach (Hudson Institute of Coaching, Santa Barbara, California) and Systemic Team Coach (Academy of Executive Coaching, London).

As Adjunct Professor of Business Communication at INSEAD Business School, Steve conducts seminars on company specific communication projects for Executive Development Programs, plus The Art of Communication elective for the MBA and EMBA programs.

Executive Communications Skills Coach and Consultant: Steve coaches Key Executives and leaders to become powerful and effective communicators in leadership roles and to deliver impactful presentations at meetings, conferences and live events.

Steve provides Executive Leadership Coaching to Executive Directors and Leadership Teams in top tier organizations in Australia, Singapore, UK and Europe. He is a LinkedIn Influencer.


As leaders we have a duty of care to lead, inspire and get things done. The way in which we communicate internally, within our organizations, has a hugely significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the business and therefore our success externally with customers and stakeholders. We have to lead and communicate from within, in order to reach out with impact.

As such, we have a duty of care and responsibility to communicate in a way that cuts through the fog and gets to the heart of the matter quickly, clearly and efficiently. We need to condense our message down into one that is crystal clear and concise and we need to deliver it with confidence, professionalism and passion. These skills are not “nice to haves”, they are skills that are absolutely vital.

All too often, as subject experts, we want to cram everything into the jam jar and our message gets lost in a sea of information. If that wasn’t a challenge enough, we then reduce our chances of success by delivering our message in a way that is flat and uninspiring and we don’t realize it.

Steve Knight will share with you how to master the winning formula of the Message and the Messenger and how to say what you mean and say it like you mean it.


  1. Be 100% laser focused on your intention. What do you want people to think, feel and do?
  2. Decide exactly what it is that people need to hear from you in order to feel inspired to give you their support
  3. Structure a clear and concise message that gets to the point and keeps to time
  4. Understand how to maximize your impact through your Voice, Body Language and Executive Presence
  5. Realize the unique Gift of You as person, your knowledge, your expertise, what you bring to the table