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Terms & Conditions

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[This version is an English translation of the original document and is for information purpose only. In case of discrepancies, the Portuguese version will prevail.]

QSP – MARKETING MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH, LDA, with the legal identification 506 901 920, with headquarters at Avenida da Boavista, nº 1167, 4º andar, sala 4.5 - 4100-130 Porto, phone number +(351) 226 108 552 and e-mail geral@qspmarketing.pt, is the Organizer of QSP SUMMIT.

Purchasing tickets for QSP SUMMIT implies acceptance of the following conditions:


1. The Organization reserves the right to change or modify the program, caused by a speaker cancellation. QSP SUMMIT will replace the speaker within the theme addressed and with the quality that he has already used to;
2. The content of the presentation is the exclusive responsibility of the speakers;
3. English-Portuguese translation is only available on the Main Stage.


1. To access the event área, all QSP SUMMIT participants must check-in:

  1. The day before, at Exponor or Norteshopping, as indicated by email;
  2. On the days of the event, at Exponor.

2. In order to check-in, all participants must present themselves with the confirmation email printed or digital and an identification document (Citizen Card, Passport, Driving License, among others);
3. Check-in is only possible by the ticket holder;
4. The bracelet and badge provided at check-in are personal and non-transferable. They must be kept for all event. In case of loss or poor conservation of these elements, access will not be renewed and entry to the event will not be authorized;
5. The bracelet and badge must always be visible and ready for verification by the Organization.


1. Each ticket is indivisible and valid for all event;
2. The number of entries is limited to the capacity of the Main Stage;
3. The number of entries to the Opening Ceremony is limited to the capacity and requires previous registration.


1. QSP will accept cancellations and refunds until one month before the event.
2. For registrations in the last month, the acceptance goes until 10 days prior the event.
3. After that, only the change of attendee’s name is accepted.


1. All images and intellectual property rights are reserved. Any filming, recording or reproduction within the premises is prohibited unless expressly authorized by the Organization;
2. The ticket holder recognizes that he can appear in the images captured in the event area by different media for later dissemination of information. In this sense, it authorizes this use, which will be the responsibility of each media. Images can appear on the internet, and their dissemination cannot be controlled.


QSP SUMMIT reserves the right to cancel or modify any of the previous paragraphs, including the program.